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Dan Fitzgerald & Guy Fitzgerald are the Renowned, Well Known Producers of Team Fitzgerald Keepin' It Real™ Family Productions, Seminar Presentation Speakers, and Founders of the Fitzgerald Hoss Buck™ Brand Product Line sold in stores across the Nation.

Team Fitzgerald Keepin' It Real™ Family Video Productions, are The Leading Family Outdoor Bowhunting Productions in the Nation Today. Collectively, Dan & Guy have produced over 100 Full- Length Titles. Their Titles, “Passing Through”, "Ruttin' Rampage", "Corn Crazed Whitetails", "Raw Bow", "Slam Dunkin' Whitetails", The "Best By Request" Series, The "Fitzgerald Keepin' It Real™" Series, & The "Fitzgerald North American Rhinos™" Series Videos are some of their most recognized and enjoyed titles. With Vast Numbers of Productions in Circulation, Being Distributed Daily, and with 86+ Years Combined Experience in the woods, Dan Fitzgerald and Guy Fitzgerald have Earned the Title: “America’s Father & Son Instinctive Bowhunting Team™”. Their unique styles of shooting and their no-nonsense, over the shoulder footage, reality take on Bowhunting, has earned them a spot as Favorites in the hearts of Hunters Internationally! Team Fitzgerald Keepin' It Real™ TV, stemming from Team Fitzgerald Keepin' It Real™ Family Video Productions is a Grass Roots, REAL REALITY, Cut to the Chase, National Television Program, providing an additional National Media Avenue, whereby the Entertainment and Education so many have come to enjoy is made available to folks in Homes Nationally, through TV airwaves! Continuing the focus on REAL BOWHUNTING & OUTDOORS, the memories, good times, family, conservation/preservation of God’s Creation, and consuming the animals taken, Team Fitzgerald Keepin' It Real™ TV is a High Quality program, Inspiring kids, youth, and adults, male and female alike, reaching All Ages, All Generations. Team Fitzgerald Keepin' It Real™ TV is Now Broadcast in High Definition.


Dan Fitzgerald is a Living Legend and perhaps the most well known and liked living man in the Bowhunting realm. Having pursued game Instinctively with a bow for more than 58 Years, he has perhaps taken more animals on Professional Film with a Bow, than any other Bowhunter. Dan is responsible for the inspiring and/or helping of many of today’s top outdoor personalities in their careers, along with Millions of Bowhunters across the globe. Dan comments, “Long ago, when I first had the idea to produce a Family Entertainment type of Video, there wasn’t anything around being sold nationally like what I wanted to see, like what I knew hunters all across the world wanted to see. I knew I wasn’t alone. With the go ahead and help of my loving wife Kay, we decided to put it all on the line and go for broke. I've been blessed to have had the opportunity to have Guy along with me, right by my side, every step of the way, all these years. He grew up sitting on my lap in the treestand and in front of the camera. Here we are, Over 30 years later and still kickin’ together. Everywhere we go, we hear of people talking about the videos of old, new, and all along the way. Guy and I love to share our experiences with those we meet. It’s what we do, it’s who we are. Thanks to all the fans for keeping us rockin’!”


Guy Fitzgerald is a Living Legend, with 27 years of documented and filmed experience in the outdoors. He has had the opportunity to go on many exciting hunting adventures and has taken Thousands of Animals, all filmed (of course), including World Class Black Bear, Caribou, Numerous Whitetail Bucks and Giant Russian Boars, all taken with a Bow. Guy is happily married to his high school sweetheart, Jennifer. “I don’t know where I’d be without my precious wife, Jennifer. She is my strength. She is my everything, my soul-mate! We've been best friends since high school! She is not actually a hunter, but she is very supportive, and she loves to cook and eat the meat I bring home, and I think that's great! I am so blessed to have a father who has poured his immense bowl of knowledge into me, teaching me just about everything he knows, and a mom and sister who have been true best friends, my entire life. And where would we be without the support of our wonderful dedicated fans - YOU GUYS! It’s pretty cool, when I'll go into Lowe's or Wal-Mart, or out to eat with my wife and friends, and I hear comments like people watched me shoot my first deer, or my most recent deer, or this one and that one in between! Many of you guys watched me grow up. I hear all the time that I am considered to be a brother figure to many of you, and I am honored by that. Hopefully, we'll all be able to grow old together, doing what we love! I feel like you guys are all extended family members out there! That feels great! I am blessed and honored!”, comments Guy.

Together, Dan Fitzgerald & Guy Fitzgerald
are as Action Packed and Entertaining as it gets. They bring to life a fast paced, blue collar, roll up your sleeves and go hunting, let’s learn together and get Family Involved, type of attitude. To Dan & Guy, hunting is not just a sport, it’s a way of life, it’s a means of survival. This sums up the overall root attitude of what they do and who they are. If you wish to see the outdoors captured on film as it actually happens – REAL good old boys just having fun and being the best they can be - keep on watching Team Fitzgerald Keepin' It Real™ Productions!

“Dan & Guy are Finishers. Whatever they set out to do, they get it DONE!” –Terry Verble – TF & Mathews Pro Staff

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